Oriel Revive

Cardio Revive

Concentrated Deep Sea Magnesium and Mineral Extract is a liquid free Ion supplement packed with Magnesium and each of the Minerals & Trace Elements necessary for health. It is the ONLY Magnesium supplement globally to be granted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the EU.

CARDIO REVIVE – Health by the drop.

Cardio Revive is where our journey in science began and where it continues today. To make these drops affordable to everybody we had to make a tough decision, which was to only make it available online through our own ecommerce site and through selected partners. Click on the product image links or Online Store in the top menu to purchase. 

Packed with Ionised liquid Magnesium and all of the minerals and trace elements recognised as being essential for health. Oriel Cardio Revive is the only pure natural concentrated Mineral Extract that contains "Free Ions". That is they are not bound to ligands (oxide, citrate, sulphate, hydroxate etc). It is in this Free Ion form that magnesium exists inside the cells of your body. It is this form that makes Oriel so bioavailabilie and rapidly absorbed inside your cells in less than 30 minutes. When you are deficient your body will seek out these necessary minerals so they need to be bioavailable or they will pass right through before you get the benefit

So what does it do? In short the scienctific studies state that it helps improve the vascular function of your cardiovascular system significantly, rapidly and in a natural and measurable way. Visit our RESEARCH page to read some of the highlights of the scientific studies undertaken with DCU and other universities.  

DCU, School of Health and Human Performance have carried out research and studies on long term effects and interactions of Oriel Sea Mineral Extract® Click here to read the highlights of these incredible results 

Implications for Health include Aging well, faster recovery, improved absorption of nutrients from food, Improved quality of life.


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